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The Znojmo region has become synonymous with wine. Wine from this region is truly great and unique. Many tourists will also recall wonderful nature of the Podyjí National Park and a dense network of cycling paths all across the region. History lovers may know of the region’s notable monuments, including technical ones. All of these features can be combined into a single, compelling itinerary. but increasingly for foreign tourists too. Visitors are often surprise by the vast and diverse range of activities and places of interest in the region.

The number of tourists visiting the Znojmo region has been growing year on year. No wonder – the region is a prime tourist destination in the Czech Republic. The range of activities is truly wide and apart from mountains, the region has everything our country has to offer. It’s perfect for those seeking a relaxing holiday as well as those in search of active pursuits. The former will be delighted by Vranov, Jevišovice and Výrovice dams with plenty of accommodation facilities nearby. Tourists and cyclists are drawn to the National Park Podyjí, with the densest network of cycling trails. There is a growing number of people using electric bicycles and charging points are available to them. Water sports enthusiasts can go down the river Dyje from Znojmo to Krhovice and enjoy the charming meanders. There are also special trails for horse riders. The National Park Podyjí has lots of noteworthy animal and plant species that often attract natural scientists too. Those seeking cultural heritage won’t be disappointed either with numerous castles, chateaux and technical monuments.

Many visitors return to the region to explore its wines. The ideal way to discover vineyards and taste wines from prestigious winemakers, members of the VOC Znojmo association, is to use the Vinobus that operates during the peak tourist season. Most villages organise open cellar days when visitors can see privately owned cellars and taste wines from small-scale producers.

Winemakers from the Znojmo region were the first ones in the country to start using a designation of origin certification – VOC Znojmo – that includes typical local varieties such as Riesling, Green Veltliner and Sauvignon. A committee decides which wines meet the stringent criteria and can be labelled as VOC Znojmo. The more exclusive Royal Selection VOC Znojmo label is reserved for Riesling only and the wine has to mature for three years. You can’t go wrong by getting a bottle of VOC Znojmo wine.



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ZNOJEMSKÝ TÝDEN týdeník Znojemský týden

ZNOJEMSKÝ DENÍK Zpravodajství ze Znojemského deníku

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