Route Z4: Exploring technical and other architectural points of interest

Pěší trasa

Town Hall tower – brewery – Motoring Museum (the former waterworks) – railway viaduct – Znojmo’s underground premises (Přímětice cross-shaped cellar)
Starting from the Town Hall tower, one of Znojmo’s most dominant features (built in 1445–48 by Mikuláš of Sedlešovice, its total height including the dome is almost 80 meters) ascend Obroková street, turn left into Horní and Václavské squares and then through Přemyslovců street towards the brewery. Descend Velká Františkánská towards St. Nicholas church and go through Karolina’s gate and down through Karolina’s orchard to the Motoring Museum (interesting technical exhibits). Then continue along the left bank of Dyje river through Koželužská street from which you should turn and walk across a bridge that offers a unique view of Znojmo’s railway viaduct (length 220 meters, height 48  meters, completed in 1871). Then follow the winding Dyjská street with footpath shortcuts up the hill towards Republiky square, then take a left into Kollárova street and go to Masaryk’s square. Turn right by the Town Hall tower through Kramářská street to Slepičí (Hen) market where the entrance to the Znojmo underground 25  is (there is 30 km long maze of catacombs at four different levels, partially accessible). You will exit near the Town Hall tower which is the end point of this route. You can go by public transport or by  car to Přímětice’s main square where the biggest cross-shaped cellar in the world 26 is located (built in 1740–65, corridors are 110 and 56 meters long, height 6.5 m). Tours run from 1/1 to 30/8 for groups of 20 or more, must be booked in advance through Znovín company. You can take a look at the cellar from N Hotel.

Starting point

Znojmo, Town Hall tower



Length of the route

2.5km (excluding Přímětice)


restaurants of Znojmo
Znojmo - silueta města


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