Route Z2: Exploring the history of Hradiště

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Crossroad at the beginning of the Way of the Cross road in Gránice – Spálený (Burnt) mill – old Hradiště road – Křížovnická street
From the signpost at the beginning of the Way of the Cross road (how to get there is described in the previous route description) walk on the right bank of Gránice stream upstream towards Spálený mlýn (Burnt Mill), then cross a Baroque stone bridge and ascend the old Hradiště road, crossing the main road to Hradiště, passing walls of the Great Moravian empire and a cemetery to reach a historical gate, then follow Křížovnická street to  a viewing point by the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua (possible detour to Elias’s chapel – see previous route). The track then leads down the Way of the Cross road to the starting point. You can reach Znojmo by 24.pluku route along the blue tourist trail or down the stream towards the end of the wooded park where Oborny’s path (see previous route) starts, or alternatively continue on a tarmac road for 200 meters and then ascend towards St. Nicholas church through Karolina’s orchard.

Starting point

Znojmo, signpost at the beginning of the Calvary road in Gránice


undulating, mild elevation

Length of the route

3 km along blue tourist trail (+ 2–2.5 km to Znojmo town centre)


restaurants in Znojmo, Spálený mlýn (Burnt Mill)
Znojmo - silueta města


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