Route Z3: Viewing spots in Znojmo

Pěší trasa

Town Hall tower – Vlk’s tower – viewing spot Na Káře – viewing spot at Mikulášské square, view from Znojmo castle – view from Přemyslovců street – Town Hall tower
In Znojmo itself there are few spots, not far from each other, that offer stunning views of the city and its surroundings. From the Town Hall tower (there is an information centre in its vicinity) descend through Obroková street and then Masaryk’s square towards Vlk’s tower which you can climb up. Then return to  the lower part of Masaryk’s square and Lazebnická street, turn right in Antonínská street, straight to Na Kopečku street and then turn left through Slepá street to reach a viewing spot below St. Nicholas church known as Na Káře. Go through Karolina’s gate below the church and turn left past the church to a spot which offers views of the rotunda, castle and brewery. OCHOZ of  the neighbouring St. Wenceslas chapel offers nice views of  the river Dyje valley. From Mikulášské square continue through Velká Františkánská street to the brewery entrance, on the lefthand side you will see the southern access route to the castle and rotunda which offers more stunning views. Walk through the building with an information centre to reach the ramparts of  Znojmo castle and St. Catherine’s rotunda. We return the same way to the brewery entrance, turn left and continue to a viewing spot on Přemyslovců street from where you can see the Gránice valley and Hradiště. Return through Přemyslovců street to Václavské and Horní squares, then continue along Obroková street to the Town Hall tower. You can climb up the tower and enjoy the view.

Starting point

Znojmo, Town Hall tower



Length of the route

1,5 km


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