Znojmo Underground

Theres no place more mysterious in the royal town of Znojmo than the Medieval catacombs

Tel: 515 22 13 42
Slepičí trh 2, 669 02 Znojmo
E-mail: podzemi@znojemskabeseda.cz
Open: May – Sept daily 9.00-17.00, Jul – Aug 9.00-18.00, Sept – Apr Mon – Sat 10.00-17.00, Sun 13.00-16.00.

Available classic route, adrenaline after prior booking. Information and tour bookings www.znojemskabeseda.cz, podzemi@znojemskabeseda.cz, ticket office for the underground premises tel.: +420 515 221 342. Last tour one hour before the closing time, anytime for pre-booked groups.

A labyrinth of underground passage ways built from the 13th to the end of 17th century. The Znojmo Underground is one of the largest underground labyrinths in Central Europe, whose origins date back to the 13th century. The intricate underground network of corridors still amazes ingeniously constructed shafts, flues and wells. Their length is estimated at 27 km and runs up to four floors below the historic city center. Access to all routes and ticket office: Znojmo Underground, Znojemské podzemí, Slepičí trh 2, Znojmo.
Znojmo - silueta města


Agentura Bravissimo
Václavské nám. 1
Znojmo 669 02
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