Information Centre VOC ZNOJMO with view and wine degustation

(in the lower part of Masaryk square)

Tel: 734 73 20 19
Kollárova ulice, 669 01 Znojmo
E-mail: voc@vocznojmo.cz
Open: April 2020 - October 2020, fb: VocZnojmo

Vlk’s Tower ground-floor: Information about wineries and wine events in Znojmo and the surrounding area, sale of tickets for the tower, wine tasting in a special wine bar. Entrance fees without wine tasting: access to the tower / viewing pad without a guide - adults 25 Kč, children under 10 free of charge. Min. 2 people, max. 14 people. With VOC ZNOJMO wine tasting: access to the tower / viewing pad with wine tasting–5 VOC ZNOJMO samples 150Kč. Min. 2 people, max. 14 people. Individual wine tasting sessions can be arranged upon request. Tel.: +420 734 73 20 19.
Znojmo - silueta města


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Václavské nám. 1
Znojmo 669 02
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