Znojemský region

The Znojmo region has become synonymous with wine. Wine from this region is truly great and unique. Many tourists will also recall wonderful nature of the Podyjí National Park and a dense network of cycling paths all across the region. History lovers may know of the region’s notable monuments, including technical ones. All of these features can be combined into a single, compelling itinerary. but increasingly for foreign tourists too. Visitors are often surprise by the vast and diverse range of activities and places of interest in the region.

No wonder that the number of returning visitors keeps growing. One of the region’s greatest attraction is its wine. Even wines of the same grape variety and from the same vineyard do differ year on year due to the variable climate each year. Open days in wine cellars are becoming increasingly popular and they také place in many wine-making areas. Wine lovers can try golden or ruby coloured potions also from small winemakers who don’t typically sell their products. The Znojmo wine terroir is the first one in the Czech Republic to boast with controlled designation of origin VOC Znojmo. This label can be used for Riesling, Green Veltliner and Sauvignon varieties made in one of the 20 wineries that are members of the VOC Znojmo association. These wines must originate from selected vineyards and pass through a selection process where the committe only selects those that represent best the variety and the Znojmo terroir. Given the strict criteria of the selection process, the high quality is guaranteed with VOC wines.

Private wineries open their cellars to the public at certain times of the year and wine lovers can then try wines from smaller producers that are normally not available in retail.

The Znojmo region is the promised land for tourists – whether they enjoy getting around on foot, bike, water or horseback. The Podyjí National Park has been mostly untouched by human activity and visitors can find pristine nature and rare species of animals and plants there.

History fans should not miss the gothic castle Bítov, chateau in Vranov nad Dyjí and other attractions – including technical ones.

Not to be missed in the Znojmo region

Mapa regionů Znojemského okresu JEVIŠOVICKO MORAVSKOKRUMLOVSKO RETZER LAND VRANOVSKO ZNOJMO Mapa regionů Znojemského okresu
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